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"RSA training is mandatory for any person involved in the sale, supply or service of alcohol in South Australia"

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Standard Course  - No public media required

Nationally Recognised Training

By choosing to do your RSA training online with Hospitality Alliance Training, you will be completing a Nationally Accredited RSA course which is acceptable in South Australia as well as a number of other states and territories throughout Australia. You may need additional training and as well as other requirements needing to be met before you are able to work in other states.

This short course has been tailored to the conditions present in South Australia and provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to be able to serve liquor in a responsible manner and in accordance with principles of Harm Minimisation.

An Approved Trainer

Hospitality Alliance Training is the official training portal for Clubs WA Inc. By choosing to conduct your training online with us, you will have comfort knowing that you have chosen an organisation which is a RSA provider approved by the South Australian Consumer and Business Services Sector to provide such training to South Australia. We also have over 15 years of training experience, being a Registered Training Organisation (code: 6226) since 1998.


By completing the registration form of the course, you are declaring that you are the person whom has completed this course.

You will be required to complete an Authenticity Declaration, witnessed by an Authorised Person as descibed in the declaration, and returned to the Assessor prior to issuance of your Statement of Attainment certificate.

This registration also entitles you to 12 months free training membership. For more information on training membership, go to the following link.

Purchase Course $45