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RSA Certificate Online 

Hospitality Alliance Training is a well trusted source for information on obtaining an RSA Certificate Online.

The course we provide details the knowledge and skills needed to responsibly sell and or serve alcohol and to satisfy the requirements for the responsible sale and service of alcohol (RSA) under state or territory legislation.

This unit covers the RSA skill and knowledge requirements common to all States and Territories. However, some legislative requirements and knowledge will differ across borders and so we provide online RSA courses which are tailored for the conditions specific to each state and territory in Australia. 

Management of Licensed Premises (MLP1) Course - WA only

Please note that this is a course intended for people working in Western Australia only. The Management of Licensed Premises course (code 52473WA: MLP1) is the required training (as per the Liquor Control Act 1988) for Licensee and Duty managers. The MLP1 certificate satisfies the training requirement for persons applying for an Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card. You may only act as a Duty Manager if you hold an Approved Manager ID card. This person is responsible for the Licensed premises, during their shift, and in charge of supervising service staff when liquor is being sold and supplied to customers.

The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to not only be capable of supervising service staff, but also to deal with compliance issues relating to the liquor license of their venue. Please click on the following to continue:

We are proud to offer other courses across Australia including a food handler course.

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