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Food Safety Supervisor

Food Safety Supervisor Course

Hospitality Alliance Training is a provider of various courses including a food safety supervisor course which is essential for anybody managing other food handlers.

The Food Supervisor Course is intended for those who are going to be responsible for the food processes and procedures within a business as well as supervising staff when food is being handled. The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training consists of two units: SITXFSA201 and SITXFSA101 (the required pre-requisite training for SITXFSA201).

Students who conduct this course with us will be taught the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively control the food processes and procedures within their business. This includes being able to set up processes, monitor and assess procedures, identify faults and problem areas, and correct identified problems.

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Food safety and supervision is an important part of the hospitality industry as without adequate safety and the ability to deliver a quality product, there would be no point in delivering it in the first place. We are proud to offer this and many other courses around Australia.

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