Hospitality Alliance Training is the online training portal for Clubs WA Inc, Registered Training Organisation (code 6226). An industry association since 1958 and an RTO for over 15 years has established us as a leader in hospitality training specialising in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA),  Approved Manager (52735WA: MLPLCA401A) and Food Safety Supervisor courses. 

Registered Training Organisation no.6226 | Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approved click here to review ASQA registration details

We have successfully trained over 70,000 people around Australia ranging from members of local sporting and recreational clubs, pubs and bars to the employees and staff of some of Australia's most well known hospitality outlets. We pride ourselves on providing personalised training to assist all students attain a quality learning outcome.

Our Courses

The following is a list of the courses that Hospitality Alliance Training provides online through this site:

RTO registration

Pre Enrolment information & terms and conditions

You give consent to Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) to make any enquiries necessary to verify any information disclosed.

1.    Service for Payment Guarantee.

Upon receipt of your Course Fee Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) agrees to:

2.    Non Transferable.

Once commenced your Course is non-transferable to another person.

3.    Tax Receipt.

You will receive a tax invoice once your Course enrolment has been processed and payment approved.

4.    Fees Payable in Advance.

You will not be issued with a Certificate/Statement of Attainment until course fees are paid in full

5.    Refund Policy

Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) refund policy and guidelines:

Students are initially limited to a period of 60-days to complete their training and assessment.

Hospitality Alliance Training will not refund fees paid in advance unless training cancellation request is made in writing more than 7-days prior to expiry of the training course.

The following percentage of refund will apply to all training cancellations:

Should Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) cancel a Course for any reason, students enrolled at the time Hospitality Alliance Training announces the cancellation will be entitled to a full refund, with no administrative charges or penalties.

In the case of a participant who wishes to withdraw from a Course or program due to illness or extreme hardship, Hospitality Alliance Training may, at its discretion, allow a refund of the fees. The following conditions apply:

If a refund has been issued, under NO circumstances will a Statement of Attainment be granted for any units.

6.    Replacement of Statements of Attainment

A replacement Statement of Attainment can be issued by email free of charge in PDF format.

Any different formats or if you require an original certificate to be sent by post will incur a fee of $10.

7.    Confidentiality and Privacy

We will keep any information (including your account details) in your direct debit request confidential. We will make reasonable efforts to keep any such information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.  We will only disclose information that we have about you:

Information provided by you is considered confidential and will not be divulged to any third party, nor will it be sold.

8.    Student Access to records

All students have timely access to current and accurate records of their participation. Students seeking advice concerning their course participation should in the first instance contact Hospitality Alliance Training.

9.    Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills (LLN)

Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) will provide, where possible, training and assessment support services that meet learners individual needs regardless of their age, gender, culture or background. Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) also recognises that some students require more assistance than others.

The training course is written in plain language but will require a minimum level of English

The training course contains sections in relation to numeracy and will require a minimum level of numeracy

Students who consider that they may have language, literacy or numeracy issues with their training should notify Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) by phone or email or via the training website “contact us”. Students who request additional assistance will be provided with the appropriate support and guidance with the aim of providing a good learning outcome leading to competency in the course undertaken.

There is no charge for the assistance provided by Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA).  All assistance will be offered in a discrete manner and within the principles of fairness and flexibility of workplace assessment. Some of our courses require a minimum level of English. Participants with English difficulties may be eligible for free English tuition provided by the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). Information on this program can be found at Students have timely access to current and accurate records of their participation.  Students seeking advice concerning their course participation should in the first instance contact Hospitality Alliance Training.

10.   Welfare and Guidance

All students experiencing any difficulty or concerns about their training experience should make contact with the National Audit and Registration Agency (NARA) or Hospitality Alliance Training Management where a range of solutions may be discussed and provided.

11.  Training Membership

All students completing training with Hospitality Alliance Training receive free 12 months training membership with Hospitality Alliance Training (Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA)). Benefits of the training membership include:

12.  Complaints/Appeals – Stakeholder Feedback

If you are dissatisfied with any of the services or assessments provided by Hospitality Alliance Training you can complete a Stakeholder Feedback Form to register a complaint or appeal.

Hospitality Alliance Training guarantees that the Stakeholder Feedback Form will be reviewed within 10-days from date of receipt and processed in accordance with Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) SP-03 Complaints and Appeals Policy.

13.  Authenticity

By accepting the terms of this Course Enrolment Agreement you are warranting that you are the person completing this course and as per this Terms and Conditions you give consent to Hospitality Alliance Training to verify information disclosed in this application.

You will be required to make a declaration in the presence of an Approved Person that you completed the assessment.

If it is established that you were not the person actually completing the assessment any Statement of Attainment issued will be revoked and the Licensing Authority in your State will be contacted.

14.   National recognition

Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

15.   Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is offered to all students enrolling in Hospitality Alliance Training (Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA)) courses.

Where sufficient documentation is provided Hospitality Alliance Training will provide credit transfer to enrolling students.

Hospitality Alliance Training (Clubs WA) recognises all current competencies held by students regardless of how, where or when these competencies were learned. If a student would like to pursue RPL they can apply at enrolment.

16.  Course Fees

           $35 except NSW

           $99 NSW - includes $70 Competency Card

           $95 ($105 for NSW)




COMBINATIONS OF COURSES are available at discounted rates