Unrestricted Approved Manager Training

MLPLCA401A Manage legislative responsibilities for the sale, supply and service of liquor

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MLPLCA401A manage legislative responsibilities for the sale, supply and service of liquor - $139

This training course is intended for

  • Western Australian Licensees, Unrestricted Approved Managers or Duty Managers
  • This course has been developed to assist West Australian Licensees and Managers of Licensed premises in demonstrating their compliance with the mandatory knowledge requirements as specified by the State Licensing Authority | Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor.

Prequisite RSA Training required

  • We require evidence of your prior RSA training before we can issue your MLPLCA401A certificate.
  • Evidence must be by Statement of Attainment in either SITHFAB002 or SITHFAB201 or SITHFAB009A or THHBFB09B

Course Purchase options

Purchase Option 1. MLP only for $139
Purchase Option 2. RSA and MLP for $165


Course Outcome

At the conclusion of this course you will have an understanding of the most important elements of licensed management training:
  • This Manage Legislative Responsibilities for the Sale, Supply and Service of Liquor (MLPLCA401A) training is designed for Western Australia as per Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor guidelines and provides participants with sufficient evidence of training competence to apply for an Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card in WA.Acceptable evidence of training for anyone applying at www.rgl.wa.gov.au for their ID card;
Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card for Hotels, Tavern, Restaurant, Liquor Stores, Nightclubs/bars, Theatres, Amusement Venue, Caterers and more.
Restricted Approved Manager ID card for Club, Club Restricted and Occasional Licence types (may only require RSA certificate

The Approved Manager ID card

  • The MLPLCA401A certificate provides sufficient evidence of training for you to apply for an Unrestricted Approved Managers ID card through the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor.
  • All licensed premises must have an Approved Manager on duty at all times during business hours
  • All Approved Managers must produce their Approved Manager ID card as evidence of training and approval by the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor
  • Application for your Approved Manager ID card must be made online at www.rgl.wa.gov.au and it is recommended that you download the Approved Manager Lodgement Guide to assist your application process
  • RGL charges apply for issuance your Approved Manager ID card | http://www.rgl.wa.gov.au/liquor/liquor-applications/fees-and-charges

WA only course - Download these two documents

DRGL Approved Manager Lodgement Guide  and 

  • information about Approved Managers, and
  • what type of card you need, and
  • how to get your ID card, and
  • how to renew your ID card [ click here ] no training required!

How to get your certificate

  • Successfully complete the online assessment in your own time
  • Once your course has been marked as competent, you will be able to download the 'Authenticity Declaration' form from your student profile
  • Follow the instructions on this form and have it signed and returned to Hospitality Alliance Training 
  • Once Hospitality Alliance Training has witnessed your signed Authenticy Declaration and received all required forms, you will be emailed an alert letting you know that your Certificate/Statement of Attainment can be downloaded from your student profile

Authenticity Declaration

  • Under Australian legislation, online students are required to complete an Authenticity Declaration Form to declare that the person who completed the online training is the same person who registered for the course and will receive the Statement of Attainment.
  • Once you have finished each of the learning modules on your online course, the Authenticity Declaration Form will be uploaded to your student profile and you are required to complete this form and send a copy to Hospitality Alliance Training.
  • Please follow the instructions on this form and then complete it and have your signature witnessed by any one of the 51-types of approved persons.


Bundle your MLP with RSA to save

RSA with Approved Manager - Two Courses for $165

  • SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol; AND
  • MLPLCA401A Manage Legislative Responsibilities for the Sale, Supply and Service of Liquor;
Purchase RSA with Approved Manager (MLP)

Technical Requirements

  • Preferred Web Browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer. 
  • Systems: This online course is suitable for PC, MAC, Android, iPads, or iPhones. 
  • Email: You will be required to input a valid personal email address (not a company email address). 
  • Audio: Some course content is presented using audio. You will need headphones or speakers. 
  • PDF Downloads: Downloads will require you to have Adobe Reader.